Clearwater Project: Tibet

The villages of Gangchen and Zingma are in trouble. For years the residents of these villages have lived in absolute poverty, lacking basic institutions such as schools and medical clinics. Reports are that approximately half of the children in these communities die from water-related diseases.

The current water supply provides only minimal water for drinking and cooking, leaving residents unable to bathe, wash clothes, or irrigate food crops. The lack of electricity makes it impossible to have a refrigerator for medicines, or electric light for a school. Compounding this problem is the fact that very few crops can be grown in this arid country and malnutrition is common.

The Clearwater project is teaming up with the Chilean engineering firm of Jack Stern Ltd. and the World Peace Foundation to help construct a community water project for the Gangchen Monastery and the Tibetan villages of Gangchen and Zigma.

Our objectives are to supply a safe, reliable water supply for the 1500 people of these communities, and to utilize renewable sources of hydroelectric and solar power to run the water disinfection equipment. Our project will provide lights, heat, and refrigeration for the school, medical clinic, and monastery. We will develop a health and education program, and an irrigation system for the families of Gangchen and Zigma.






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