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Lenedra Carroll – Founder & President

Lenedra Carroll

Lenedra Carroll has worked as a humanitarian for 40 years, helping individuals and organizations to improve their lives and communities in a wide range of ways. Over the 10-year period from 1994 to 2003, she also donated nearly 10 million dollars of her personal funds to facilitate such efforts. She has also helped raise many additional millions for charity

Lenedra now focuses primarily on her philanthropic interests. As a successful businesswoman, award-winning author, artist and visionary, Lenedra is inspired by the legacy of her pioneering parents and ancestors. Throughout history, it is this pioneering spirit at its best that has opened the way to advancements of all kinds. Lenedra feels the world has been and is always being, renewed by these pioneers of heart and mind.

In her latest calling, she joins the countless many throughout history who have dared to undertake to improve the quality and opportunities of life for all. Instrumental in having created careers as well as humanitarian projects with global reach, Lenedra is now turning her attention to the frontiers of world health.

Todd Ovokaitys, M.D. – Partner & Project Director

DR. Todd

Dr. Todd Ovokaitys completed his initial undergraduate studies at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. Two years later he was one of 26 persons in the nation accepted into an accelerated combined undergraduate/medical school program at Johns Hopkins University. This resulted in receiving Phi Beta Kappa recognition and a bachelor’s degree from Johns Hopkins University and his MD degree from Johns Hopkins University Medical School.

He completed his Residency and Chief Medical Residency at Georgetown University Hospital in Internal Medicine, going on to advanced subspecialty training with a Fellowship in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine . It was at this point that his interest began to shift toward more humanly compatible modes and methods of healing that might be termed more natural.

During this same period he was also inspired by discoveries about the resonant properties of human and viral molecular structures and how they could be used to inactivate HIV selectively without adversely affecting human cells. In collaboration with the pioneering engineering of physicist Scott Strachan, Dr. Todd has developed a new form of laser technology that will modify or enhance biological activity and chemical reactivity in powerful ways – all by configuring the resonances of specific molecules.

Dr. Todd’s research and development is ongoing on numerous health issues. His vision is to develop highly effective nontoxic alternatives or adjuncts to treatments for the major health issues that face our world. He works with prominent scientists and teams in the U.S. and around the world on work at the forefront of medicine.


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