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The dictionary defines a humanist as one who cares about the condition of humanity – a person having strong interests in human welfare, values and dignity. It was with this guiding purpose in mind that family founders Lenedra Carroll, Shane Kilcher and Jewel Kilcher launched Higher Ground for Humanity (HGH) in 1997.

Expansive abundance is the natural state for people and the planet.

The principle of generative prosperity acknowledges that we are all part of one openly provident system. When scarcity thinking causes people to hoard or capture resources, it blocks the natural flow. The system stagnates, and although abundance exists all around us, it becomes blocked. HGH exists to help restore and celebrate this abundant flow.

As generosity, gratitude and grace continue to expand the flow of resources, it’s our privilege to help channel them in the direction of highest good. One of the most rewarding aspects of our work is providing a humanitarian platform where people can come together in the highest use of their gifts.



These are just a few of the projects we’ve supported:

• Holistic Health for alternative health
• The Clearwater Project – clean water in nearly 30 countries
• A holistic health clinic in New Delhi, India
• A civil liberties program in Nigeria
• Assistance in the launch of several youth organizations
• A school environmental education program in Chile
• Ongoing development of alternative health awareness workshops

The traditional “nonprofit” mindset often focuses on lack, and therefore remains in a constant state of need. We require Higher Ground for Humanity to be a generative, self-sustaining organization that practices conscious stewardship through sound business principles. Our role is mainly to inform, connect and empower those with the funds, talents, technology and tools to create powerful healing ripples in the world.

Higher Ground for Humanity is a 501c(3) organization with a Public Charity designation.

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