Why shouldn’t we live in a world where healthcare is effective, safe and affordable for everyone? The centerpiece of this project is the Immune Support Protocol. It is designed to accelerate immune recovery and neutralize HIV using herbal remedies and botanicals combined with other elements from the pioneering scientific and medical research of Dr. Todd Ovokaitys. learn more>>


Our first major project, Clearwater was a successful seven year initiative to bring safe drinking water and relief from water borne illness to nearly 30 countries. Now complete, this project perfectly illustrates the collaborative way we bring organizations, technologies and other creative partners together for a shared purpose. This work is still changing lives globally. learn more>>

What's Next?

Where will we go next? What possibilities can we explore? The exciting answers are still unfolding in a providential and serendipitous way. To a large extent, your involvement will help to extend our reach and expand the results we can achieve together. Our Holistic Health work will continue in Africa and take important new steps in India and bring healing to the world.
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