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The Holistic Health Initiative team is continuing ISP outreach in Kenya and South Africa, offering the Immune Support Protocol as well as continuing to collect and study results and data. Your involvement will make it possible to expand the work there and enable the team to continue collecting data and studying the results.


India – An Unparalleled Opportunity

If the promising pilot data for the ISP hold true, its use can be part of an effective, affordable and non-toxic solution to the global HIV epidemic. The critical next step toward this goal is to take scientific investigation to the next level. The gold standard for validating clinical intervention is the Randomized Controlled Trial, or RCT.

In collaboration with a contract research organization, the protocol for a world-class multicenter randomized clinical trial has already been developed, reviewed and approved by NACO, the national regulatory body that governs all HIV-related research in India. Everything is in place to move forward – all that is required now is the funding.


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