Clearwater Project: Honduras

Honduras has suffered from poverty and neglect for many years and is still one of the least-developed countries in Central America. The district of Lempira is one of the poorest regions of an already poor country. In 1998, the country was hit by one of the strongest hurricanes of the 20th century, Hurricane Mitch, and even today relief efforts continue. Besides the cost in human lives, this hurricane destroyed the homes, communities, and watersheds of a country that already had longstanding problems in these areas.

There are no clean water sources near these rural towns and women and children must walk six hours a day to collect water from contaminated springs and/or polluted rivers. As a result, many in the community, especially children, suffer from gastrointestinal illness and chronic dysentery. Malaria, dengue fever, and cholera are reported.

The Clearwater project will improve access to clean water through the construction of gravity-feed systems that will serve the villages of Gualcinse, Guacual, Las Crucitas, El Aguila, and El Candungo. By protecting Lempira’s watershed, the program will also help ensure that the communities continue to have clean water in the future.



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