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Higher Ground for Humanity formed the Holistic Health Initiative with Dr. Todd Ovokaitys in 2006. The main goal of this ground-breaking partnership is to support Dr. Todd’s ongoing research into alternative health solutions that are effective, affordable and free from the toxic side-effects of more traditional allopathic treatments.

The centerpiece of this project is the Immune Support Protocol. It is designed to accelerate immune recovery and neutralize HIV using herbal remedies and botanicals combined with other elements from Dr. Todd’s pioneering scientific and medical research. With additional resources provided through HGH, Dr. Todd was able to move forward to test the assumptions, formulas and protocols. Carefully structured scientific clinical trials were launched in Africa, where alternative methods are welcome.

The protocols developed by the project team have now been tested for six years in pilot studies in Africa and around the world and have been profoundly successful in reducing the viral load, repairing immune function, and improving clinical condition and quality of life. They have been demonstrated not only to be highly effective and non-toxic, but also to be deliverable at a small fraction of the cost of typical antiretroviral drugs.




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