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The Clearwater Project

The lack of access to clean, pure water is the single greatest obstacle to health and social development in the world today. More people die of water related diseases than AIDS and cancer combined. People living without access to a reliable water supply of clean water spend an average of 3-6 hours each day fetching water for their families. That's time that could be spent earning an income, attending school, or caring for loved ones.

The solution is simple. Just add water.

The Clearwater Project is an international program providing sustainable solutions to the global water crisis. The organization, founded by multi-platinum recording artist Jewel, and her mother Lenedra Carroll, works in partnership with donors and those in need of safe water. To date, the Clearwater Project has helped tens of thousands of people develop accessible and sustainable community water supplies. These water projects liberate people to live healthier, fuller,and more productive lives.

Clearwater Project: Honduras

Map of HondurasHonduras has suffered from poverty and neglect for many years and is still one of the least-developed countries in Central America. learn more>>



Clearwater Project: Tibet

Map of Tibet

The villages of Gangchen and Zingma are in trouble. For years the residents of these villages have lived in absolute poverty, lacking basic institutions such as schools and medical clinics. learn more>>



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